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Motivational Books

Keep these books handy so that whenever you feel like you lack power or importance motivational books will help to inspire and motivate you. They provide you with inspirational and meaningful message to change your thoughts so you change your world.

Learn to Connect

The Power of Compassion:  7 Ways You Can Make A Difference
by Mary Robinson Reynolds & Elizabeth Silance Ballard - includes seven ways to create memory recall to subtly, yet powerfully impact personal life and workplace culture.

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Includes FREE DVD of
The Teddy Stallard Story
and What I Can Say to Myself

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The "Cliffs Notes" for positive Cultural Change in your personal life, company, organization or school.

7 x 7 HardCover Full Color 128 pg Gift Book & DVD

The Power of Compassion is palpable! This gift books gives you 7 specific strategies about the power of compassion in "real" - immediately applicable terms.

The Power of Compassion is palpable!

This book ANSWERS How To:  Build Solid Relationships with Anyone  •  Learn to Communicate Clearly & Avoid Misunderstandings  •  Manage Individuals with Rotten Attitudes or Lousy People Skills  •  Handling Difficult Conversations  •  Boost Morale: Communication Dos and Don'ts  •  Handle Attitudinal Negativity  •  Be Assertive with Tact & Finesse  •  Listen  •  How to Transform Difficult and Demanding People  •  Increase Emotional Intelligence with Compassion  •  Be An Outstanding Communicator  •  Use Compassion to Create Intelligence.

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Automatic FREE DOWNLOAD OF "LOST CAUSE KID" MOVIE with Gift Book Purchase

Also includes FREE copy of The Connection Movie

Make A Difference with the Power of Connection
for Professionals & Parents by Mary Robinson Reynolds

7" X 7" soft cover book, full color 96 pages includes true stories

The Little Book that Speaks Volumes: Rich Content that causes Instantaneous Positive Behavioral Change. less than 30 seconds you can change a life for the better by Connecting with Compassion & Attention. Use these powerful stories for trainings & movies for public presentations.

For all educators and parents, this book is a call to action. The energy that you will feel is amazing.

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Book Purchase Includes Free Movie Download
Q & A on Randy's Story

Who I Am Makes A Difference®: The Power of Acknowledgement
by Helice Bridges

" of the most important books of our time. Helice "Sparky" Bridges follows in the footsteps of great leaders like Gandhi and Martin Luther King. Her powerful Who I Am Makes A Difference® Acknowledgement System gives children and adults of all ages the long overdue right to be appreciated, respected, loved and nurtured by the society in which they live."
- JACK CANFIELD, author and editor, Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

"Helice "Sparky" Bridges has created a necessary vehicle to bring about great change in today's society. - SPENCER JOHNSON, M.D. author, Who Moved My Cheese

The best of the Acknowledgment stories - 143 pages, softcover

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  Case of 36 books:   

Three Letters From Teddy and Other Stories by Elizabeth Silance Ballard
A collection of short stories to touch the heart. Those who are acquainted with Teddy Stallard and his teacher, Miss Thompson, will enjoy further stories of this teacher's ability to touch the lives of her students. Other stories include "The Christmas Nandina" which tells of a dying woman's effort to make her last Christmas special for her three young boys. "Big Rocks Cafe" shows us another aspect of the homeless, while "The Mirror" shows us another face of aging. These and other stories will touch you and perhaps cause you to look at those around you in a different way. Twelve stories. 172 pages.

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Say Yes to Life: How to Live Life and Love It!

If you want to say "Yes!" to your life and live authentically and purposefully, this book is for you. If you long for your true self to be expressed, if you want to have the guts to stand up for your life and live it powerfully and in balance, read this book. It is designed to bring your mind, body and spirit into balance so that you can experience the life of wealth, health and abundance you so richly deserve.

Can you overcome cancer and other dis-ease by improving your communication skills? Judy Pearson, personal development expert, shares her experiences of overcoming cancer by doing just that ...

Judy weaves you through all of the ways that the Color’s Personality Styles can positively impact how you approach people and situations. In learning how the four colors conflict as well as work together, you will better be able to embrace and Say YES! To Life

• Develop health and teamwork promoting communication skills
• Transcend roadblocks, inner scripts and past behaviors
• Gain confidence to ask for what you want and get it

Also available: Say Yes! Workbook, Journal, and "Yes! Thoughts for a Busy Day"

Read More   Learn how to heal yourself physically, mentally and Spiritually.

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Heartwork Book & CD
Click for more information How to Get What You Really, Really Want

The hardback edition of Dale Goldstein's book, Heartwork: How To Get What You Really, Really Want is now available! Over 180 pages of compelling, illuminating teachings and personal stories that fully bring the Heartwork Process to life - as well as page after page of beautiful artwork designed and illustrated by award-winning artist Richard Wehrman. Filled with inspiring poetry, quotations, guided meditations and music for unwinding (on a CD included with the book), and moving accounts of individual journeys towards awakening and freedom, Heartwork will become a valued addition to your treasured library.

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Granny Wack Wisdom Gift Book
Laughter is the shortest distance between two people. -Victor Borge

chkThe whole Granny Wack Wisdom Movie in Print!
chkFull-Color Print, 5" X 5", 40-page Gift Book
chkLighten up your day! Fits in purse, desk, briefcase.
chkGreat meaningful gift idea for reaching out to make a difference, stay connected with friends, family, colleagues, customers and clients.

Laughter IS an instant vacation -Milton Berle

Virtual Books

What is a Virtual Book? It's an electronic book, meaning that as soon as you buy it you can download it as a 'pdf' file onto your computer, and either 1) read it directly from your computer screen or in a reader such as Sony's Portable Reader System PRS-500, or 2) print out the book in it's entirety or chapter by chapter for your reading ease. We love the new Virtual Books because you don't have to wait to get the information you need. You can get started right away while your learning interest is activated.

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Attitude Alignment - Virtual Book Download - by Mary Robinson Reynolds
Getting what you want doesn't require aggressive tactics or a bullying approach. It's a gentle art that once learned, will change your life. Here's how you can get more of what you want with Your Kids, Your Spouse, Your Co-Worker, Your Parent - Any Problematic or Challenging Relationship Right Here, Right Now ...

Plus, BONUS GIFT 10 Hours of MP-3 Attitude training with Mary

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No Labels No Limits - Virtual Booklet Download - by Mary Robinson Reynolds
Now teachers and parents can learn the techniques for identifying underlying causes of "unproductive" behavior and eliminating them. In this book, Mary Robinson Reynolds, nationally known author, speaker and TurnAround Specialist shares her wealth of knowledge and successful tactics for rescuing troubled children.

Plus, BONUS GIFT 2-Hour MP3 Re-Labeling training with Mary

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